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"Cee Kay Chasing Time"

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When placing an Order, on the Order Form, you can put the

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Then in the Image Name section

you can put the information after the underscore ( _ )

eg. HFoalShow0182

This information regarding Filenames is only for proofs on this page


300706NK_HFoalShow0182   300706NK_HFoalShow0181

300706NK_HFoalShow0180 300706NK_HFoalShow0179

300706NK_HFoalShow0178 300706NK_HFoalShow0177

300706NK_HFoalShow0173  300706NK_HFoalShow0171

300706NK_HFoalShow0170 300706NK_HFoalShow0168

300706NK_HFoalShow0167   300706NK_HFoalShow0166

300706NK_HFoalShow0165   300706NK_HFoalShow0162

300706NK_HFoalShow0161   300706NK_HFoalShow0159

300706NK_HFoalShow0158   300706NK_HFoalShow0155

300706NK_HFoalShow0153    300706NK_HFoalShow0151

300706NK_HFoalShow0150   300706NK_HFoalShow0149

300706NK_HFoalShow0148    300706NK_HFoalShow0147

300706NK_HFoalShow0144    300706NK_HFoalShow0142

300706NK_HFoalShow0141     300706NK_HFoalShow0140300706NK_HFoalShow0139    300706NK_HFoalShow0138

300706NK_HFoalShow0074     300706NK_HFoalShow0073

300706NK_HFoalShow0072    300706NK_HFoalShow0069300706NK_HFoalShow0063   300706NK_HFoalShow0062

300706NK_HFoalShow0055     300706NK_HFoalShow0030



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